Brittany is privileged to do work she loves and believes in nationwide.  Check out some of her work below.


Fall 2018 fellow, Harvard Institute of Politics

Brittany joins the ranks of this prestigious fellowship as a resident fellow in the Fall 2018 semester.  Resident Fellows live on-campus and hold weekly study groups on topics that include women in politics, the intersection of national security and politics, the future of social change, presidential communication, and bipartisanship and the process of governing. The Resident Fellows are actively engaged in campus life and also hold weekly office hours for students.

creator, love + power

Love and power together are an unstoppable force for justice.  Motivated by the promise of these dual concepts, Brittany created Love + Power to inspire and outfit people for action.  Love + Power members galvanize others with their reflections on justice work, and leverage the power of fashion to speak their beliefs without saying a word at all. 

Check out a special joint apparel venture between Love + Power and Pure Black, benefitting The National Birth Equity Collaborative.


In 2015, Brittany work with fellow Ferguson organizers co-founded Stay Woke, an umbrella platform that includes Mapping Police Violence and TheDemands.Org, to build awareness and action to support the worldwide movement that arose in her native St. Louis.  In August 2015, Stay Woke's planning team launched Campaign Zero, a 10-point policy platform that has helped initiate multiple policy changes across the country.  


A contributor to the popular Crooked Media network, Brittany can be heard weekly on Pod Save the People, a podcast created by the people, for the people.  Offering analysis and insight, Brittany provides unique perspective on news, pop culture, and world events across multiple platforms and shows.


Rise to Run is a national organizing platform created to inspire progressive women from all backgrounds to run for office.  Brittany is a proud board member of this critical organization, which places a high priority on recruiting women from underrepresented communities for elected office.


In 2017, NBCUniversal revived its powerful Erase The Hate campaign to end discrimination across America.  Adding a program accelerator for promising social entrepreneurs addressing equity, Erase The Hate leverages its influential board and broad-arching platforms to inspire everyday people to address hate.

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